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Hi {{answer_x2ho}}! Let's get started. How old are you? *

How would you best describe yourself? *

What is your zip code? *

How familiar are you currently with the term "pelvic health?" *

What parts of your body do you think are included in your pelvic health? *

How many openings do women have "below the belt?" *

Can you name the openings below your belt? *

Would you have known the answers to the last two questions when you were a young teen? *

What does the bladder do? *

What parts of the body are involved in poop exiting your body? *

Which of the following are good hygiene practices (taking care of your body)? *

The discharge you might find in your underwear during your menstrual cycle is called cervical mucus. *

Choose yes if true; no if false.
Ovulation takes place on the first day of your period. *

Choose yes if true; no if false.
How do you know you are about to get your period? *

How can you just "tell?"

Did anyone ever talk to you about your bladder when you were young? *

Did anyone ever talk to you about bowel health (pooping)? *

Did anyone ever talk to you about hygiene (proper care and keeping of your body "down there")? *

Did anyone talk to you about your period, before it started? *

Thank you for your answers so far! Knowing a little more about what you knew then, and what you know now, can help us determine how best to create a helpful tool for your daughter AND you, {{answer_x2ho}}! 

Now we're going to ask some questions about your feelings and actions about health "below the belt."

When you were young, which of these things did you worry about sometimes or often? *

When you were a 10-14 year-old, how often did you think about things that can happen below your belt, like....

Going pee? *

Going poop? *

Having my period? *

Hygiene? *

Of this list, what were your top 3 concerns: *

As a young girl, did you ever unexpectedly pee a little or leak urine, experience constipation, or get your period when you weren't prepared for it? *

If yes to any of the above, how did you handle it?

If you kept it a secret, was it because:

OK, {{answer_x2ho}}.  Now we are getting a little more personal and looking at your own experiences. It's all anonymous so please answer truthfully.

Have you ever peed a little when you giggled or when you were playing sports? *

If yes, how did it make you feel?

When you were young did you ever have a hard time pooping? *

If yes, how did you feel when that happened?

As a girl you probably noticed some discharge or a substance in your underwear.  What were your thoughts about that? *

Did you ever worry about starting your period at school? *

Did you ever get really bad cramps? *

When you had cramps, what did you do?

How did you feel when any of the above "below your belt" events happened to you? *

The next set of questions are about how you go about getting information - or how you would have done it way back when. You'll see what we mean...

As a 10-14 year old, how likely would you have been to find information about your health on your own? *

Who would you have talked to if you were a little troubled by any of the scenarios in this survey? *

Where would you have looked for information if you wanted to find out more about constipation, leaking pee, having periods, or hygiene? *

Thinking back, at what point would you have been the most inclined to find information about your health? *

While looking up personal health subjects with the help of an encyclopedia or at the library, what search terms do you think you would have used? *

Let's pretend you are that teen girl looking for ways to manage her health below the belt. If you had a tool like an app, what functions do you think would have been the most fun and helpful? *

Would you be inclined to use an app WITH your daughter to help you both navigate pelvic health from her perspective as well as yours? *

Back to the present . . . Some people like to "chat" with other app users. Would you find a chat function helpful on a pelvic health app for girls and moms? *

Would you be interested in participating in a focus group to help us develop our pelvic health tool? *

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